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If you have been a loyal follower, you’d be happy to know that things are improving around here – new domain, more content, different content, fresh ideas and plenty of fun! Click over here for the new blog and for being a loyal follower, its much appreciated and I love you all!

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Pendant lighting


As I stated in my september TO DO list, this is the month for home improvements and decor talk.  And believe me, I am so excited to finally get into this, it has pretty much been on my mind non-stop since about a month ago.  I finally put up some pictures, and yes, it has taken me 8 months to do that but it’s a start.  Now for the fun part, the lighting.

I’ve been dreaming about those large light bulbs with the beautiful and mesmerizing filaments inside since I first came across them on HoiPloy last year.  I wanted them but my budget just does  not stretch that far.  After I looked over my budget far too many times seeing where I could cut down on something to make way for these babies, i was finally resigned to the fact that it just wasn’t going to happen.  I then started on my search for a cheaper version, and I asked everyone, posted comments on  blogs and websites but they were nowhere to be found.

Until last week, we popped into Eagle lighting and there they were, all beautiful, mesmerizing and cheap, at R75 a bulb! YAY perseverance.


So for this long-winded ramble, there are some ideas I’ve found for my new bulbs, which will hang on either side of the bed.

pendant 3

pendant 4

pendant 1

pendant 2


Which do you like best?


September TO DO list










PARKER: Cotton On       |       SHIRT: Vintage       |       JEANS: Zara       |       SHOES: Topshop       |       LIPSTICK: MAC – Ruby Woo

I thought we could kick this off by jumping into my September TO DO LIST, because as you can remember, I took August off to do nothing or just to chill.  Which I did very well at, but now its back to it!  I’ve started decorating  my room, properly.  Because even though we have been in the apartment for 7 months, it feels like its only been 3 months.   When we moved in, getting the living spaces decorated and sorted was my main priority because those are the places people see when they come over, they are the first impression and we all know these are lasting.  So I needed the first impressions of my apartment to be ‘WOW!’ not, ‘Oh nice spot you have here.’

Well now that that’s sorted, kind of, I feel okay to get stuck into my room.  So if three-quarters of my September TO DO LIST is decor or house related, do forgive me.  Things may get more fun next month, as that’s my birthday month.  Yes.  My birthday turns into a month-long affair!

  1. Do fun, unique pendant light DIY for bedroom.
  2. Do something with this blank wall.  See pictures below.
  3. Start a new photography project.
  4. Finally start filming make-up tutorials for the blog and YouTube
  5. Take my sister for a date a the Bacon Pop Up Bar.  She loves bacon, but then again, who doesn’t.


My sad-looking bare wall in my room.



YAY BANNER: Zana Products


What interesting things will you plan to do this month?


PS, the Eucerin Skincare WINNER will be announced tomorrow!




El Burro’s breakfast burrito, so yum!


House of Machines warm outs and fruit.






All Stars are a necessity for adventure days.




And introducing Le Boyfriend….



I told you in my last post that Le Boyfriend and I had an adventure day last week Sunday, but didn’t actually fill you in as to what the adventures entailed.

Well here it is:  We first hit El Burro’s food truck which is at The House of Machines every Sunday for brunch – I can’t suggest this enough as something fun to do with a few friends, have a few drinks and just chill on the street or in the restaurant.

We then did some outfit pictures, which is a constant, and whoever goes out with me has to deal with this.  Life of a blogger.  If you can remember, last weekend was a stunner, Cape Town just gave us a teaser of the Summer we will be greeting soon.

So we took a short, but lovely drive up to Camps Bay and take some pictures on that pass.  I’m one of the Capetonians that everyone hates, the ones that don’t appreciate the beauty they are surrounded by o a daily basis.  We then met up with friends, had a few margarita’s and dinner at Fat Cactus.

You can look forward to a few more of these adventure day posts.  We have decided to actually go out looking for fun things to do instead of doing the same thing every weekend.

What have adventurous activities will you do this weekend?



Nineties kids










TEE: Cotton On       |       CHECKED SHIRT: Jay Jay’s       |       LEGGINGS: Edgars       |       SHOES: Converse All Stars       |       SOCKS: Mr Price       |       GLASSES: Cotton On

On Sunday, Le boyfriend and I decided to have a little adventure day.  But obviously before the adventure comes the dilemma of what to wear for said adventure day.  It was a stunning day in Cape Town yesterday but I just wasn’t in the mood to wear a dress so obviously walked around my room picking different outfits, huffing and puffing about him not helping me choose, all the while he lies on the bed waiting.  Oh the life of a man.

In the end I came out with look, checked shirt, All Stars, distressed tee and hair up (I had just washed it and couldn’t let it run wild, curly hair, no wait frizzy hair, is no joke), a pretty chilled and comfortable option.  Because who wants to be standing on canons in heels.  You never know where adventure day will take you!

Ps, don’t forget about the Eucerin skincare giveaway, here.

Eucerin giveaway 2