TO DO: June

hello june


WHAT?! It’s June!! How is it mid year already? Every time I think about it I sort of hyperventilate.  But still its June and that’s somewhat exciting!  I write this from the comfort of my warm bed on this icy cold Cape Town winter night, sipping on hot chocolate.

Now that you’re sufficiently jelly (jealous), unless you are on a tropical island or in the middle of summer, then I’d be the jealous YOU-CAN’T-SIT-WITH-US one.

I spotted this over at Jess’s blog and instantly I was like, “yup, that needs to happen”.  Basically its a list of things/places/adventures/goals I want to try out/visit/look at for that month.   And since we progressing into the second had of the year already, now is the perfect time to start.

Since I am a list maker I thought TO DO would be the perfect title.



Change this to a self hosting blog on and apply everything learnt at the BBLOGCLASS.


Do a DIY for an old bookshelf my mom gave me this week, I mind of want it to look like a more subtle version of this .


Have another lovely lunch in the Green Room at Babylonstoren in Stellenbosch.  Oh and shoot in the beautiful gardens, obviously.


Learn to make a mean Potato and Leek soup.  YAY for my new blender, I can now make soup for these cold winter nights.  Soup for days, literally!


Do you have anything in particular you are wanting to do/see/explore/try this month?




5 thoughts on “TO DO: June

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