NEW IN: Topshop x Cotton On







These are the things I’ve picked up recently.  Went to the Topshop sale and still could not bring myself to spend so much on regular items.  I did however fall in love with their Jamie ripped jeans, they are the most comfortable things I’ve ever slipped onto my body.  Completely unrelated side note: It’s my birthday in October.

So instead of walking away from the sale with three full packed carrier bags I left with these sweet socks clutched closely to my chest.  Are they not the sweetest?  And besides that point, I do actually need socks.  I have no idea why, n=but I always end up buying myself underwear and sit with holey socks.  Well that’s over.  (I’m not sure I should be mentioning that I have holey socks).  I’m very much feeling a socks and sandals vibe this winter, much to the horror of my 16-year-old self.

Ive also spent many a late night clicking through Pinterest, looking for the perfect sports-chic combinations.  So of course, when I came across this grey cap, I knew i had to have it, and lucky me, it was on SALE! So you’ll be seeing that pop up here, soon, and often.  I’m sure, much to Sean’s dismay.  Back story:  A few weeks ago we were out shopping for his dad’s birthday present, and at every turn he found me trying on peak caps, and giving me I-absolutely-hate-that and why-did-I-bring-you-with-me faces.  Sometimes boyfriends don’t understand fashion, lets forgive them for that.  “What do boys learn in school!” – Bride Wars quote.

The sweet Cotton On number is for summer, and is very similar to this sweet one I posted about a few months ago in my lust list.  You’ll see and appearance of that when the days warm up a bit more.


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